Suarez appeared highly frustrated by his removal when the game was not yet won at 2-1.

Liverpool are back to winning ways after beating Wolves 2-1 at Anfield. The focus was on Andy Carroll’s form and fitness who had a decent game but yet again Suarez took all the limelight. The Uruguayan is a menacing creature who absolutely terrifies defenders with his movement and trickery. Brilliant performances from Enrique and Lucas and even the Introduction of Stevie G were overshadowed by this gifted talent. All the eyes are on Suarez as in every single match he has been the major threat and looked most likely to create chances and bang goals.

After scoring a fantastic goal and being Liverpool's best attacking player, he was substituted by manager Kenny Dalglish in the 81st minute to bring on club captain Steven Gerrard. Suarez appeared highly frustrated by his removal from the field when the game was not yet won at 2-1. He somehow gathered himself to shake Kenny’s hand but the disappointment was clear as he kicked the water bottle and continued shaking his head watching the game from the bench. At final whistle Suarez rushed into the tunnel.

The incident reminds me when Steven Gerrard saw ghost as Rafa Benitez replaced his main talisman Fernando Torres against Birmingham when Liverpool desperately needed to win. The question is perhaps a bit similar here, “Why take your best player off the field when the game is still delicately poised”? One can easily observe the frustration on Suarez’s face whenever Liverpool are losing or the team is not playing well, that’s because he gives his all.

Although Liverpool replaced their “best” player with another “best” still had there been any other player coming off for Steven Gerrard then the only focus of attention would have been the captain fantastic. But when the fans saw number 7 on board, more than a few asked “Why” Suarez, why when we need to see off the opponent, the player who is arguably horrifying the Wolves defense cutting them apart is being replaced.

Perhaps the manager wanted Carroll to play full 90 minutes. Kenny praised his strike force, not mentioning any of Suarez’s reactions but focused on his dazzling performance. On the other hand Suarez gave his thoughts as well: (Spanish Translated)

“Happy for the win and have scored again! It is important that we start scoring points in this championship! I went mad on the court by that I have always wanted to play and help the team, nothing more, thank you very much for the support!”

Well that restlessness was pretty obvious from his reaction when he came off the field and again even before saying these words, we know the anxiety was because the game was not over yet. It was close, had it been 3-1, he would have been completely satisfied coming off knowing that the game is all but won.

Suarez plays with determination and passion of the highest order and his never say die attitude has earned the love from the Kop. No one can deny, at that moment our main source of unsettling wolves was being replaced still many fans argued that he over reacted and did not respect manager’s decision and it’s not all about him but about the team. Perhaps he did overreact a bit but to make it clear that the manager shouldn’t sub him until he finishes off opponents.